Change is the only constant, but we aim to make a change that counts. Our efforts do not perish with the changing weather. They stand strong against adversities as our change is in tandem with the environment.
We reuse and recycle the waste, to fuel our goals, for a better tomorrow.

Green Shed Installation

After the plantation is done, we take the responsibility to protect our plants by installing green sheds. The green shed comprises of a green porous yet strong green thick cloth which is secured in a triangular fashion by bamboo sticks. The bamboo sticks act as a support and maintain the structure of the green sheds. The green shed protects the plants against heavy rains, strong winds, direct heat and sunlight and grazing animals.

The installation of these protective gears has evidently shown a positive effect on creating a suitable environment for the saplings planted.

tree plantation drives greenshed
tree plantation drives tagging


As the plantation of saplings increased exponentially, it became necessary for us to accurately know our plants. We then decided to make tags for our plants. The making of tags needed many more trials than we anticipated. Our first amateur tag was made of a cardboard piece bearing our name, enclosed in a plastic pouch. We soon realized we were using excess plastic which we starkly stand against. Hence, we decided to make tags out of plastic bottles which we collected in our cleanliness drives. We found a way to reuse the plastic bottles.

Tagging has made a great difference in tracking, watering and maintenance of plants and has ensured that we tend to each one of our saplings.

Watering Drive

We are one of the very few groups that organize such activities. Our group members visit the plantation site 2 times a week. They water the plants, perform remedial measures for any damage or note the damage which can be repaired later. The pit which is formed around the plant for better water percolation is reconstructed if any damage is observed. Whether the drip systems have been installed, and their proper working is checked.

These drives help us to keep the saplings hydrated and ensure an inclusive growth of the plants.

tree plantation drives watering

Drip Irrigation

We install simple drip irrigation systems to the saplings for regulated water supply. The system is made of plastic bottles collected from our cleanliness drives which promotes reuse of the plastic bottles. This system facilitates the plants to with a continous stream water even when no one is available to water the plants. This easy-to-make drip system only takes one bottle and one bamboo stick for support, making it highly efficient.

We have installed more than 120 drip irrigation systems till date.

Record Of Growth

After a plantation takes place, we record their growth every week at our drives. This remains an important task to analyse their growth patterns and helps us not only to project the expected growth but also to solve the problems hindering growth. We mark a 'Priority status' to ensure an inclusive growth, for the species experiencing growth related problems. Extensive track of their height and health is considered to help them grow better.

We consider this activity of crucial importance as it helps us in safeguarding the growth of the saplings.

tree plantation drives