Plantation Drives

Pune is known for its beautiful hillocks and its perfect weather conditions, amongst other things. The experience of trekking and basking in these pleasant conditions has deteriorated in the past few years. The main factor contributing to this is the sudden reduction in trees as a collateral damage of rapid industrialization.

Blowing up of small hillocks to construct buildings, schools, malls, factories etc has become a common practice. In this century the least that we can do is maintain the existing trees and advocate for afforestation.

We, the Forengers started off as a venture to plant saplings and convert barren spaces into bountiful locale. The best places to initiate this activity were available spaces on hillocks like ARAI and Taljai tekdi. All the authoritarian permissions required to carry out the plantation are procured accordingly. The required guidance and support are given to us by the authorities there. The saplings are graciously provided by green enthusiasts, nurseries or environmentalists either free of cost or at a discounted rate. Having focused always on an all-round progress of the environment, we plant native trees like Kanchan, Apta, Palas, Pangara, Pimpal etc which co-evolve with the ecosystem and do not harm the food webs like other foreign exotic plants. These native species provide us with an upper hand by helping us maintain the 'Bird diversity' of that spot.

plantation drive tree plantation

Our research team keenly works towards more efficient ways of plantation. This information about various low maintenance methods, helps us maintain as well as expand our plantation activities.

We make sure that our plants are taken care of by mapping, tagging, protecting them by using green sheds and by keeping them hydrated by installing drip irrigation systems. Our tags and drip systems are prepared by reusing plastic bottles collected in our cleanliness drives.

By organizing 21 plantation drives and planting more than 250 saplings till date, we remain passionate and dedicated towards our goal.

plantation drive tree plantation