Cleanliness Drives

The increase in carbon footprints has several reasons. The leading reason amongst these is the high usage of plastic. It’s a shame that clean roads or places in general have become a rarity in our city, and the world as a whole. The reduction of filthy grounds will only take place when all of us proactively work towards it.

We decided to set an example and set out with garbage bags, masks and gloves to clean areas in our vicinity. We started out with familiar locales like the Taljai tekdi, Keshav Nagar and Gliding centre.

cleanliness drive

We collect the waste and segregate it into plastic waste and glass liquor bottles and make sure all waste is disposed off properly. By taking all necessary precautions on our part we have collected more than 300 kgs of waste till date.

The plastic bottles collected for further use, are stored, cleaned and then distributed amongst our members to make tags and drip irrigation systems for our planted saplings. These products are installed on the plants in the subsequent drive. The tags help us keep tab on our plants and the drip systems help us keep our plants hydrated.

It’s true that one small change towards a better alternative can help, but only one step won’t make all the difference. We try and give back as much as possible.

cleanliness drive