Our Story

Warning signs, especially in the last decade, like the heat waves, the rapid rate of ozone depletion, the bushfires, the earthquakes, droughts and tsunamis were enough stimulus for us to start working in order to secure our environment and minimise the unforeseen horrors.

We started our endeavor by organising plantation drives where we carry out tree plantations, tend to them, and undertake the necessary steps for their maintenance. After the overwhelming success of our plantation drives, we took it upon ourselves to organize cleanliness drives. These drives focus on a particular area with saturated waste and is cleaned by the vigilant group members with proper equipment and sanitation.

When the pandemic of COVID-19 hit us all, binding us to our homes, plantation and cleanliness drives were out of bounds, we refused to stop. We came up with 3 different initiatives to keep up our good work. We started making newspaper bags, cloth bags out of old waste T-shirts and newspaper envelopes for safe disposal of sanitary products.

Plantation Drives

Currently, India flaunts it's youth and is proud of it's potential. We would be committing a grave mistake if we didn’t exploit this potential. Hence, we aim to inspire the youth to primarily plant more trees. The secret to our successful 21 drives and plantation of 300+ saplings is that we divide our work amongst our teams for an easy and efficient execution. We start by scouting for plausible areas, which are easily accessible and suitable for plantation. We then formalize our plans by talking to the officials and procure the required permissions. Once we receive a green signal from the authorities, we plan cohesively to ensure our drive goes well.

Before the drive, members are split into groups and sent the location along with the scheduled time for the drive. Proper guidance is given to the members throughout the drive also ensuring that all the belongings are taken care of, and the saplings are securely planted.

Our members visit the plants 2 times a week to water the plants as well, if the drips aren't installed. The status of the plant’s growth is also noted and for those not responding well, we mark a 'Priority status' to such saplings to ensure an inclusive growth. The maintenance of our plants is of great importance to us.

tree plantation drive
Cleanliness Drives

One of our main motives is to clean areas near us. Conducting drives where there is no risk from medical waste or radioactive hazardous materials is a main concern to us. We take garbage bags, masks, gloves along. The plastic bottles collected are washed and sanitized thoroughly for further reuse and the glass materials are separated for secure disposal. The waste is handed over to the PMC department of the concerned area.

Till date we have collected 300+ kgs of waste. We encourage the members to follow strict safety norms for the sake of their own safety.

cleanliness drives
paper bag making drives
Paper Bag Making Drives

The ban on plastic, evidently reduced the use of plastic bags. But the existence of stored plastic bags at home and in the supermarkets makes it difficult to get rid of plastic bags all together. We started making paper bags at our drives. We tried and tested different methods and came up with a simple sturdy method to make the bags.

We have made a couple thousand of bags and donated them to small scale vendors for their use.